The Restorer - Al Jabaar

The Restorer

Life with its ebbs and its flows

Knocks on the gentle creases of my heart,

Sometimes nudging at the corners,

Sometimes tearing it apart.

But I will overcome.


As I try to swim along with the waves of life,

Mountains of grief drown me from time to time.

I look up,

Gasping for the Mercy of the Most High,

And I know I will overcome.


Some days I look in the mirror

And I am reminded of a failure.

Until He sends a sign,

Promising it will become easier,

And I know that I shall overcome.


For I have faith in a Lord

That brings richness after poverty – 

Do you not see the poor man

How he rejoices after calamity?

So, I will overcome.


And the wound as it heals –

Millions of cells coming to protect and seal.

Just like this,

No matter how broken I feel,

By the Lord Who created, I shall overcome.


And the sick one as he heaves – 

His family around him dreading his leave,

Until a miracle,

And normally he begins to breathe.

So, with my Lord, I shall overcome.


And all the times I felt alone –

His Mercy always shown,

From a friend’s unexpected text,

Or my mother’s embrace when I got home.

With my Lord, I will overcome.


For my Lord always comes through for me,

From chaos to serenity,

As if there never was any calamity,

In betrayal and undeserved enmity,

He brings happiness and prosperity,

And healing and victory.

With al Jabbaar, the Restorer, today I have overcome.

“Al Jabbaar (the Mender/the Restorer), may He be exalted, is the One who restores poverty with richness, sickness with health, disappointment and failure with success and hope, and fear and sadness with security and reassurance. Therefore, He is a restorer, described by His immense ability to restore and mend the needs of the creation.”

(al Maqsad al Asna, Tafseer al Asmaa’ – al Zujaj)

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