Fly Free

Have you ever looked at the bread on your table every morning at breakfast? Somewhere, in a distant village one day, a farmer put seeds into the soil and watered it. The seeds finally grew into wheat. The wheat was then harvested and transported all the way to a factory. At the factory, it was crushed, mixed with water, sugar, and yeast, and turned into dough. That dough was then baked, wrapped in plastic, and transported to a supermarket near you. You went in one day, bought the bread, and that’s how that loaf of bread ended up on your table. Little did you know that 50,000 years before this world was even created, those little seeds were destined to be in your stomach. Out of all the people in this world, that loaf of bread was meant to reach YOU!

Get this. Seven billion people reside on this earth. That’s seven billion people with needs, dreams, and aspirations. And above the seven heavens is a Lord, who named Himself Al Razzaaq, the Provider.

“In my first semester of university abroad, someone stole half of the money my father had given me for the entire semester. More than a 1000 USD. I never told my father because I didn’t want him to worry or spend money on me again and the exchange rate difference was a lot. So, I tried to get by by having simple things to eat like a loaf of bread (which would last me a week) and dhal (for 20 cents everyday) for that semester. I would be so hungry and long to buy something tasty to make my stomach full. That semester, we had a class party with anonymous gifts. We had to randomly pick names out of a draw to see what gift we got. My random gift was a huge loaf of bread, a big bottle of jam and mayo, and a lot of other delicious eatables! I mean who even gives bread and jam at a class party?! It was a miracle of Ar Razzaaq and the only gift I needed at the time!”  – A

“If Ar Razzaaq closes a door for you, it’s only to open a new one that is best for you! I remember trying so hard to get into a particular university and I had put in all my efforts into perfecting my application for it. I had also applied to another university before that just in case. Later, I came to know that my application in the university I had first applied to had gotten accepted and was now blocking my acceptance into the one I really wanted to get into. I was devastated and was regretting even applying for it. Why oh why had I done that?! I tried everything I could to transfer but nothing worked. After some time, I accepted my fate and joined the university I had gotten accepted into. So many years in, I know I would never have it any other way! The people that came into my life because of this “slip-up” and the gems I’ve learned on this journey – I would never exchange it for something else! When Ar Razzaaq shakes up your plans, trust me, it’s going to be good!”  – R

“One day, I was running late for university. Being in a hurry, I had skipped both breakfast and prepping a lunch bag thinking I’ll get something to eat from the cafeteria. We have to show our IDs as we enter the building and I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home. While the lady let me in when I showed her a picture of my ID, I pondered over what I would eat that day. To make it worse, I had skipped dinner the previous night because I was tired and my last class would end after ‘Asr, which meant that I would only reach home by Maghrib. Just then, I remembered the hadeeth about Allaah providing for the birds who leave their nests in the early morning everyday with empty stomachs only to return in the evening with their bellies full. I made a quick du’aa that Ar Razzaaq provides for me the same way He provides for the birds and I left it at that. Around Dhuhr time, there was some sort of event going on in the building at university and they were serving all sorts of snacks and take-aways. I had forgotten about the du’aa I had made in the morning and was stunned at how Ar Razzaaq provided me with just what I had needed.”  – Z

“I was young and didn’t know better. I had made friends with a guy. I was in a different city when I was introduced to him and it was through texting and chatting that we had gotten to know each other. We never really met in person. After a certain period of getting to know each other, he asked me if I would be interested in marrying him. We spoke to our parents, but there seemed to be a misunderstanding created by another person who was acting as an intermediate. The guy ended up marrying someone else. I was shattered. It was a pain that I felt I would never recover from. I would lie in bed crying and had numerous sleepless nights. Some of my friends recommended that I should go to a school nearby that taught the deen. Just to escape my pain and feeling trapped in my emotions and the confines of my house walls, I decided to try. Day by day, week by week, I felt Allaah being there. I felt like he was pulling me through a very hard time. I was healing by listening and understanding the Qur’aan. Maybe this is something trivial to someone who hears or reads this story from a different perspective, but indeed Allaah provides relief, comfort, and protection when you least expect it and when you are at your lowest.”  – A

“As I grew up, I really longed for companionship. I would go on trips with my family and be surrounded by people, but there would always be a void and a longing for a best friend, a close companion like no other. Years later, I found that best friend in my husband. Every time I look at him, I’m reminded of my countless prayers to Ar Razzaaq asking Him for him! My husband and his love and support for me are some of the very best things Allaah has provided for me, alhamdulillaah!”  – F

“I was finally flying back home to my parents after finishing university. I was supposed to be taking a direct flight, but the airlines changed it to a transit flight without informing me. Even after ensuring I had done everything on time, I still missed my flight. I went running up and down, from one officer to another asking what was to be done, but to no avail. When no one was ready to help me, I felt helpless stranded in a strange place and alone with no one by my side. People were staring at me taking rounds around them with all my baggage and a little Secret Recipe cake I had got for my family. I had no money to quench my thirst even! How would I buy a new ticket home? I was tired, scared, and had no sim to even contact my family and let them know of my situation. The time for ‘Ishaa came in and I decided to accept the situation I was in as the Will of Allaah and went to pray. Feeling so helpless, I told Him in my sujood in exactly these words: “Ya Allaah, I really have nothing in my hand. I see no way out of this and only You can help me. I didn’t put myself in this situation and I don’t want to worry my parents. Take me out of this situation and guide me to my way home, ya Rabb!”. After making that du’aa, I went back into the hall once again and managed to let a family who was around know of my situation. They understood my situation and empathized with me. They went beyond the bounds of kindness and bought me a new ticket, a new sim card, and gave me some cash for food and water. They didn’t stop there. They ran from one office to another to ensure I get a seat in the next flight, waited with me for the seat confirmation, and uplifted me with words of hope. Indeed, Allaah, Ar Razzaaq, had sent me help. This may be a simple story of missing my flight, yet to me it was more – it was Ar Razzaaq, sending His provision to me in the right time and in the right way.”  – S

“I was really craving some chocolate one day. We had just received a package of really yummy chocolate from abroad. It hit me to check the ingredients first before I dig in. To my disappointment, the chocolates were not halal. I didn’t have them, even though I was really craving them! The next day, I saw a few Godiva chocolates on my table. We had received more chocolates and these were not only halal, but from a wayyy better brand! I sat there amazed at how Allaah provided me with these treats right after I had given up my craving for His sake!”  – F

“I was desperately looking for a job and was struggling to find one while studying abroad. My father asked me to come back home and try looking there. I was worried as I didn’t feel like I would be able to practice my deen freely at workplaces back home. I made du’aa to Allaah to provide me with a better alternative where I would be able to be true to myself and be able to freely practice my deen. A short while later, Allaah provided me with a job where I’m respected for my beliefs and practices.”  – L

“Sometimes, Allaah answers our prayers before they even leave our lips. For one week, I kept randomly saying to my husband: “I really miss having family around us.”. My heart felt dull. I just missed the spirit of being with loved ones. But I never actually uttered a prayer. I simply just felt this need in my heart. And just like that, out of the blue, my family surprised me with a visit. And then, I opened the mus’haf and my eyes fell on the ayaah: “Verily, my Lord is near and responsive.” {11:61}. Alhamdulillaah. Indeed, Allaah knows all that lies in our hearts.”  – M

Do you have dreams? Hopes? Desires? Are you struggling to find a job? Are you looking to get married? Do you want good friends? Are you hungry? What are you waiting for my friend? Turn to Ar Razzaaq and ask him for your needs. Trust in Him and fly free. Fly free just like the birds knowing fully well that He is indeed, your Provider.

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Riham Ramzy is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Law & Studies from King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah. She is absolutely crazy about flowers, loves the beach, and loves traveling. Her aim is to connect with the youth and to build an online community for support and encouragement which is something she didn't have on her journey towards bettering herself. So as her journey for improvement continues, she wants to take you along with her too!

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