2020 Is Cancelled!

Cancelled. Graduation is cancelled. Weekly hangouts are cancelled. Travel plans are cancelled. Summer is cancelled. Cancelled. It’s a word you’ve been hearing for quite some time now and you’re tired of it.

Every year has a highlight and no doubt CoVid-19 takes the cake for 2020. Whether it’s cancelled plans, the uncertainty of everything, or the anxiety of getting sick, we’ve all been going through a rough time for the past few months. It’s easy to feel bogged down and demotivated in the middle of it all, but what if I told you that you can turn it all around? Yes, you! You see, we’ve never had control of what is happening around us anyway, but what we do have control of is our own attitude and actions.

What if I told you that you can make your 2020 great?!

2020 is going to be our year of looking within. Let’s use the time we are spending inside our homes for self-reflection and introspection. Look deep into yourself:

1– What are your emotions? How are you feeling? Are you happy, sad, angry, depressed, lonely, anxious? Once you have identified your emotions, ask yourself why you are feeling that way. Then, note down ways on how you can resolve any negative emotions you are having. Reach out to a counselor, your trusted family members, or friends for any help you need.

2- Take some time to assess who you are and what your priorities are in life. It may be that, sometimes, we need the exterior things to be stripped away from us to be able to look deeper within ourselves.

3- Invest in yourself. What are your hobbies? Are there any skills you would like to work on? Are there any news skills you would like to learn? Are there any negative habits you want to break? Take an online class. Work on your hobbies. Use this time to work on the things you love and the things that will help you become a better person before you get busy again. Remember, never neglect your heart. Once things pass, in shaa Allaah, you can face the world again with whole new, fresh skills and habits. Think about it – an upgraded, better you!

4- Invest in your relationships. I know, it’s hard to be stuck with all the people who know exactly how to drive you crazy for long periods of time. And yes, I know, these are the people we call family. But guess what? They are the only ones who are going to be there for you when you’re lying in a hospital bed in the middle of the night. So, give them a chance! Sit down with them and spend some quality time. Have one-on-ones with the parents. Play some games with the siblings. You will feel refreshed and relieved to know that sometimes the people who love you the most are right at home.

So, is 2020 really cancelled? Well, that’s up to you, my friend!

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Riham Ramzy is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Law & Studies from King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah. She is absolutely crazy about flowers, loves the beach, and loves traveling. Her aim is to connect with the youth and to build an online community for support and encouragement which is something she didn't have on her journey towards bettering herself. So as her journey for improvement continues, she wants to take you along with her too!

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